Clouds, Thunderstorms, Hugs and Kisses The Album

by Lockes

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Clouds, Thunderstorms, Hugs and Kisses The Album (
CTHK for short). There is much to say about this one. Originally this album was Lockes Thadern Thief's first project created around 2007. This beautiful work of art had so much heart put into it was pushed back due to money. People that were supposed to help make it complete did not follow through on their promises, but that's how it goes in this world now. You can tell because two of the songs are not even done and we couldn't get it mastered because someone is missing the tracks we sent to him. So this album doesn't have that professional sound as it should, but the lyrics are thought provoking and the beats are banging. It just had to be this way.

Lockes's rhyme delivery and topics change drastically in between each of his songs. CTHK is the backbone of Lockes's style. Chronologically it comes before the 1st "Thief!" mixtape. You won't be hearing from his mysterious alter egos (other than HypNo) on this one, because it is a positive and uplifting album. For the more twisted fans, expect to see the others on the next project "Thief III". For now, it is needed for you all to learn to love instead of hate while we are still alive.

There are tracks about love and protection of our women! There is a track about partying! There are tracks about fighting insanity! Tracks about the government and their distribution of drugs to our streets! A track about death! One about wannabe rappers and how they can change their ways! This album has a bit of every topic known to man in *16 brilliantly constructed tracks. Please pay attention to the lyrics to learn the true side of Lockes and his attitude (and worry) for our future. We hope you buy and enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it! Lockes won't stop, expect a couple of more entries by the end of 2012!

P.S. (The song Constantine is a free single on the site. However the song isn't owned by me legally so I can't sell it. If you want, download the single for free and put it in your album list after HypNo Love to complete the album!)


released January 1, 2012

Everyone I met before, during and after I became a freestyling MC. This whole project was written, while sober. I might do another album in that state of mind again, but if I do, expect me to be more serious and determined. That means I will not be taking anymore bullshit and I hope you do the same with me. We are humans and need to destroy all the stuff that is keeping us from being beings.



all rights reserved


Lockes Dallas, Texas

Lockes Thadern is a special kind of entertainer. He isn't driven by the same old drivel. His mind is expanded as well as his rhymes. He uses eccentric type styles with smooth delivery and speeds similar to OutKast mixed with E-40. His instrumentals and songs are never the same more than once. There IS a song for everyone. Check out one (or all) of his many projects here! ... more

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Track Name: (Appear) Still Under The Sun
Verse 1 – Lockes
What’s up people? It’s Lockes tha dern Thief
Finally finished my album, and I still feel like a biter
They say there’s nothing new under the sun
But we’ll see

If I’m riding on chrome, trying to find your home (cause)
I’m not riding alone (hoes) riding my flow (uh!)
Riding my dick, cause I’m some prick
Who just happens to be rich always needs to talk…slick
Jewels in my ear, act a fool cause I don’t care
Gimme simple hi hats, kicks and snares
I know it sounds like hatin
But I’m mostly just debatin
To me people seem to not believe in the creative…
As I once remember like back that one November
Moment of silence the second this member enters
Those zones clone mo clones to pop up round December
Not cold though they get chalked up when we let go o the winter
Rapping snow sellers are mostly ol pretenders
And rock and roll doesn’t have nearly as many contenders
Someone out there thought it was a really good deal to use the word real in this entertainment spiel
Lockes tha dern Thief is only entertainment dear
And I’m gon haunt your sleep if your entertainment kills (got)
Something you should hear so go ahead and listen up
Cause if I disappear you know you’ll miss me much (much, much, much…)
Track Name: Cloud
Verse 1
My own peeps gon’ believe I'm on a bonafied mission Even though my mind crispy like some southern fried chicken
My friends, I hope they ain't vanishin quickly
Cause all I really see are these foes in my vision
My mind's been rising but my mind's been switchin
I didn't feel well found a well and started wishin Praying to God at all times and intermissions
Just want good health, fuck high wealth and glist'nin The fiends been grinnin, the schemes keep seeping And I unravel more mysteries that keep me thinkin Blinking just a little but I’m rarely even drinking like you never really know what’s gonna move in an instant
I'm down to pop eye's, though, eattin all my spinach Gettin extra stronger, beatin down the snitches
That be runnin they gums second they come to visit
Pointing all they fingers do you want to be a witness?
I'm reaching my dew, floating really quickly Looking for the Kush, need it to uplift me
Fighting and trying to take all things seriously
Riding on the highest cloud you can't get near me

Chorus Are you down for the rise? Rep your hood I'ma rep the whole globe and all parts that's good Down for the up? D-Down for the sound? Are you down to come rise on up like a cloud?

Verse 2
They may bomb on my style and say they don’t like it
But if I was world famous, someone come bite it That's how it is, that's what it'll always be
(That sounds like a whole bunch o’ hoe shit to me)
Lockes rise up and his flow shit intrege
Changing my tune, my tone shit and speed
Giant microphone I swing like swords
(Megaphone megablown, Lo came to save the world)
I can’t stay still maine I gotta rise up
Like a cloud in the sky for when the eyes dry up
I got a big heap of what I wanna release
And the best way to speak is with a dope ass beat
I don’t ever want to copy just to make a hit
The people will remember it as another remnant I'ma also keep it cool whether I win or lose
But I don’t feel like I’m gonna lose to you (ChoursX2)

Verse 3
My own mind in the clouds while mothafucks corrput Claim they pump alot of slugs plus knuckle and buck Buckle seat belts tight cause ya time is up
You bound to crash if you come fuck with us
What? Haters say what? Haters take on this
Most rappers make stories when they make their hits Like saying I sell kis pounds dimes and nicks
We got the big shit, spittin bigness till chicks
Love me and my boys it's obvious
You got problems and we'll come solve it quick
I got the swing, the swang, the nuts do hang
And I glow like the sun with no need of fame
My names the Lockes, you probably already know You’ll have an overdose from my dope ass flow
I’m gonna play this game like its my favorite sport
A phenom child gonna grow to be a pro
Track Name: Twinkle Twink
Verse 1
Up jumps the boogie but so does all the indo
I'm just tryna freestyle for all my kin folk
Twinkle Twink to JDub and Young Link
It's'ya'boi tha Lockes tell me what tha fuck ya think? We
Got this thing and won't let go (already know that)
Wanna see me ball out control? (I will not flow that)
The only time you'll see me shine is if I'm
In the sky and on fire burning like a wise guy
Wreck on this thang while you wonder what tha sound is
When I get some change I'ma help yall get up out it
The hood is what I mean so you too can gleam
With a chance of making it big and shinning up on the scene
I’m part of a team whose main goal is to rip it
I gotta get some girls, hook ups and some digits
I wanna shine like the north star because
If I'm not already it I'll show you the chosen one
A son of the Sun, no I’m not only a rapper
People hate on rap but hate is not a factor
Lockes tha dern Thief is tryna get hot
Flip lyrics like tricks comin out of a big top

Flying in the sky kinda like Twinkle Twink but these haters down below wanna see me sink
I got Big Y by my side and a team that don’t die and a whole bunch people that reside like I (do) watch it little homie cause a star can fry you. It’s like nobody told ya soldiers die in supernovas

Verse 2
Up I jump to space with dank and little drank
Let me get it crunk while you make your dance to crank
Come down to lovelies that may often say they love me
I’ll warm ya like tha sun so you can stop sufferin
See Lockes come through to support you like a troop
Get your shit down n so good they go mute
Straight speechless sit still the fuckin streets get
When they get to hear a song so strong just like this
It’s my mic wreck 1, 2, 1, 2
And I know all the girls are waiting for my other moves
But I gotta cross the atmosphere for them bois to hear
One that burn their eardrums and might make them run in fear
If I get that bread I'll put something on 22s
But for myself to enjoy and not just to brag to you
Some people in rap stand to close to camera flash
Don't know it's hard to shine after getting themseleves jacked
I rather have lovers than haters but that's just me
Hate is inevitable but love is a luxury
Give me the love and support than butter please
Then I'll support you too come by and fuck with me

Outro (Chorus)
Track Name: Don't Go Broke
You can party all you want, you can smoke till you choke
You can drink till you croak, you can even throw dope
{Just don’t go broke}

Verse 1 –Lockes
I‘ve worked so hard, it’s been too fucking long
But I still want to come and do one of these songs
I used to hit the clubs a bunch, hypnotized by the shaking butts
(But this stuff just costs too much…) I’m tryna build an Empire just because
I’m trying to decipher the good from the bad
And the good is what comes when you smoke with us
Come buy a dub, roll up a blunt, parties e’ery month, girls with D cups
I’m so close to hun and I’mma be her focus
Gonna be number one if she can climb my totem

(Chourus X4)

Verse 2 – Lockes (58)
Now…I like to smoke, all the way down to the roach
Blunts to the little bit didn’t really give a shit, I was just a little shit
I was just a lil nig then suddenly I thought maybe I should do it big
I know a lot when it comes to getting funds
And I know even more when it comes to having fun
I can get skunk and I can get guhls
I seduce them when it comes to the touch…massages
I want hun to come over and do some Mardi Gras shit
Come on chick (you know you want dick) don’t even pretend like you do not want it (I’m on it like kryptonite) so baby girl are you gonna take a hit tonight
Well alright! So
Chill with Lo, make clouds outta the smoke, but please don’t waste my dough (Or I’ll have to go!) Peace


Verse 3 – Lockes
My spaceship tank is full to the brim
So now I can certainly fly you to my crib
I’mma human being blessed with alien genes
And you are lookin good in this L-I-G-H-T
I did it all for you (at this particular moment)
But the second we get back to earth I’m searchin for mo’ honeys
I’m a Bad News Bear, Whinnie the Pooh, I’m so funny
Not a care in the world, whinnie the pooh in the blunt please
Pimpin runs through me, whether I like it or not
But the only hit you get is from the rum, pot or cock
So party hard until it breaks your heart
Just know you are chillin in a money making spot
(Chorus X4)
Track Name: Storm
Verse 1
Let the beat drop like rain on the game
Strike lames with hot beams of nothing but pain
The world is tearing itself apart
While guys like I keep fighting our brains
The drugs on the street ain't came from me
Or you or them, man we know who it be
We don't ask questions, and I wonder why
We let the government force our girls to cry
They set it all up like a blueprint plan
Sit back and laugh while you get jammed
Distributed it but made it flaw
Off enough to keep you from being a man Pu-Pumped full of crack when you try to rap Du-Dumped on the tracks when you try to bring back Some words that they make make you think a bit
But they snatch they portions and they keepin it


Warm, lightning strikes, with freighting bites, you might just die In the storm...storm...
Yours, that ain't their’s, take what's fair, of your
Share of the

Verse 2 (Full Version Only)
Let the clubs bump like germs on the skin Earthquakes on your plains, pain came for the kin Niggas of one color wanna shake it off, but
Niggas of all colors wanna break ya pot, huh
Put your hands through and tell me what you wanna do
Rank me the sergeant and I'll lead us too
With a mic in my hand, like a knife and a gram
Of the dopest shit you couldn't even understand
The plan of the man, man lets find it out
So we can have a little more to rhyme about
Other than shaking asses and uh cadillac-in
Dumbin ourselves to slow mode livin in the fastest, lane
Something's gone wrong with the game
Can't put my finger on it and when I'm talkin to jane
She ain't speaking my language, shit crazyness
But we back in the struggle just me and my chick
The drugs on the street ain't came from me
But the bolts from the jeeps make a nigga wanna freeze
The thugs and the Gs can't change they beats
Cause they stuck in the system and they can't move a thing

(ChorusX2) Verse 3
Side by side let's ride, ride, ride
No one wants to fight cause no one wants to die
E'erybody ready though, they claim that they thugs Smug mothafucks face down in the blood
My blood's been shed on countless occasions
Luckily for me God came to save me
Now I gotta hit them worms with the words
Cause them fools done turned while I'm causing all the storms
I'm the early bird, shit came for me
And I done fought it all but it ain't changed for me
At the same time though, I've changed inside
In spite of the storm, in spite of the fight
Mostly been right but mostly felt wrong
Lookin to the sky just to see if the storm has Anything else to make my ass get grown
Moving on, getting strong and … (ChorusX2)
Track Name: Hugs and Kisses (2011)
I’d like to give a shout out to The Mighty Joe for making me this slick beat D.I.Beats and all the fine girls I meet

Everybody wants someone that they can truly love
No one wants to be alone when their time comes undone
Hugs and Kisses, Hugs and Kisses
Hugs and Kisses, Hugs and Kisses
Everybody wants someone that they can truly love

Verse 1 (1:04)

I’ll admit I am a flirt but that’s not all I am
You can read off of my shirt but you won’t understand
I am trying to fill this void that I know is inside my heart
There are so many different girls but tell me where I start
Baby standing next to me, looking cute and sweet
You got your thoughts of beauty but I like everything
So hold me tight but don’t let go I promise I won’t steal your soul I’m not like a vampire no more
Our love can get so deep
Everybody knows how players work inside the game
They are made of many layers but their all the same
That may never be like me I’m searching for L-O-V-E and hope that you will also see
If not that is a shame
I rarely date but we will see
With this new type of girl
Treat ladies like royalty
And she will get the world
So hold me tight and never fear we could go on for many years speak Err-Drum-Luv into your ears
And turn our bronze to gold
(Chorus 2:0; X2)

Verse 2
Wanted the entire pie as if I had no part
Wanted two dimes by my side as if I had no quart(er)
Thinking it would be so cool, to be like all those other dudes
Who move too quick with girls they choose, but I think that that’s wrong
I’m glad to see you stayed with me because you know me right
I want to learn something from you cause I have only one life
I’ll hold you tight so we won’t drop, I lift you up you lift me lots
It’s love that should not ever stop from day going to night
I did not think I’d say such things
I’ve only loved one once
Something that I really need
And not only amongst
I see the sky it fills my eyes hope that I fly before I die and find the right type for my life
With help from up above
You could be the one you know
But then again could not
Could you give me back some soul?
And get that starting spot?
I’ll hold you tight but it won’t hurt, you could be the one to lift this curse, we travel across the universe
Until our love grows hot…
Track Name: Lockes Feat. HypNo - HypNo Love
(Original Version on #24 on recorder) (Acapella Intro)
You may say you love me…but things have gotten ugly
Newbies know my skill and then they say they want to do me
They do not know me for me they consider Lo as Hypno
Granting my own material wishes, sex but no soul
The groupies would do me, and I’m not really complaining
But there is no love behind it (that’s all I’m really saying)
I always tried to be a player but now it’s unfulfilling
The girls are always open, always hoping and unruly
I really want to know, baby, tell me how you feel?
You want me for the main course but I’m only built for meals (Now)
Do you want me now that I’m used and unnatural?
And do you really love me or are you just another actor?

(Time into song) (:56) She likes my eyes…. And now I’m in her brain… She said, “I want you to be my man” She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie
(1:33) We be…or rather she be…wishing things We try for love but the lust, is, king~> If nothing’s there, nothing grows
(2:01) She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie (2:30) Kiss…hump grind…lick….suck grind Yet she feels…so distant I cannot love her My heart, still suffers But she’s there, holding onto this lamp (3:07) She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie (3:25) She rubs…when she wants me And I always want me in between She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie (4:02) She doesn’t know who I am I may never understand She thinks its all underhand (4:20) She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie (4:40) She quickly loses interest Claims of love makes actor Now she leaves me We confused
Used and unnatural She calls Lo Hypno (Hypno Love) Hypno (Hypno) Her, Sexual Genie
Track Name: Blue Mode
Verse 1 - Lockes
(Yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah)
Alright let’s go, let me tell you a story about a big chest go’
Who loved to sleep around so much until the day came that she got herself preggo
The man didn’t want nothing to do with it so he said screw this shit packed up and left
And left this pretty ass girl with a big ol burden sittin nice on her big ol chests
She tries to work hard but the baby comin…he’s kickin and punchin
Ready to bust out…you can tell by the way her round gut’s out
All hours is lunch hours, she got cravings, barely menstruating waitin for baby
People be acting all shady sayin she ain’t got a man so she ain’t no lady
But she stands tall though, she’s scared…she ain’t had a baby before
And depending on the outcome of this one…she might have a couple of more
She does her job until it gets too hard and she has to sit a little bit out
Hopefully for her by the time she’s back her boss won’t tell her to get the fuck out
She’s around a whole bunch of people that don’t even know what this big mess is about
So they don’t help her much in fact they make it wuse makin it harder to know what to do now
She’s down south, if anyone can help her it’d be her homeboi Lockedown
And once this is through she too will be cool and e’eryone else better watch out
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Verse 2 – Lockes
(Yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah) I knew a boi who don’t think with his head
Usually rolled around like he wants to be dead, sped off in the distance, been drinkin
Binge drinkin, sink deep in the dark depths he creeps in
When he’s speakin, you wonder what he’s sayin, slurring his words always in a funk
Getting drunk than a skunk on any block, maine
The way he drives his car, his moves are off, maine
Sex with no protect like he hates his cock, maine
Even when he does it he doesn’t feel on top, maine
More than a fiend, he smokes them rocks, maine
Dropping off them, crops for customers, Lockes and others thinks he’s an awful fucker
So impartial to the butter and doesn’t live right
I just pray so he won’t end up in Hell when he dies
He doesn’t live doesn’t even try to survive
To the beat get finished by the street and then fly
The number of people that came to his wake was five
All dry eyes in the house while I, Comfort noba cause he has noba(dy)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Verse 3 – Lockes
(Yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah) They say this is the real world but still I wonder
Why this world is battle torn and people are getting pulled under
So many people gotta hustle, maine the system got us switching our love yous
Make us love money and muscles, missing out on the actual struggle
Cause we fumble, in a life that you tell us to live and to trust you
You above you but I’m more like Fuck you! Everyone hunts for
The meaning of life but the only way you can do that is by leaving your life
When the rain falls they say the devil’s beating his wife
When the crumbs fall every bird is needing a bite
What would you do just to get a Klondike
If your life is in turmoil, burning like oil
Even your good plans end up getting foiled
Joy is indescribable cause the world seems wonderful
But the people in it wanna watch it crumble
Let’s huddle together and work as a team
And fight those that will do anything for everything
(Yeah, yeah, yeah….yeah)
Track Name: A.I. (Artifical Intelligence)
Verse 1
And it’s known
We are all clones
Styles picked from styles picked from styles
To call our own
Prone to our own flaws
Fixing it up all wrong
Cause that’s not the original
We…[We We We]
[We are all clones]
Pop singers…turned into whores
Boy bands…need I say more?
One after the other
One after the other, they
One after the other, they fall
Only the original can truly stand tall

Mothafuckas is living on this shit and synthesizahs
It’s hard to be true recognize, boyah
We go up and down; side to side but don't even move
Fire don't come out, e'eryone on the loose
Mainframe gets blown, shit’s failin man
You can't even tell who’s really your friend
{Fact and fiction which is the constitution}

Verse 2
I’m me
But they say
They compare me to Andre
I guess it’s cool
That’s someone I look up too
But I want to be seen as someone new
Styles picked from styles picked from styles
Looking for someone new? It’s going to take a while
Say it’s something never heard before but it’s wrong
[We are all clones]
White tees…comfortable I agree
One should not conform to reach the degrees of the streets
I look up to you, but musically you should look up to me
I know you would make it if you tried to do anything
But don’t copy, don’t bite, no…or
They will see us as just more clones
Using us to make more dough
The underground is not controlled by the stores ->
You already know (Chorus)

Verse 3
And I ain’t talking Iversion
Time and time again we fighting and dyin man
What do you know about Democrats and Republicans?
Whoever’s in charge will just go off lying again
I’m flying man, got my rockets and I’m blastin
Off past the clouds with no hopes of a crash land
I’m not a ringtone rapper just like the last man
I’m not even a rapper I’m tryna go past them
Lockes won’t stop. Don’t be limited like robots
Learn but don’t copy the style of those that’s hot
High enough in the sky to give high fives to God
But too damn low to let them know that you are smart
It’s funny cause it seems like you only after money
And they control your eyes but there’s one thing you should come see
It’s like you’re not alive just like a tin man
But I’ma actually gonna fight cause I’m tryna win man
(ChorusX2) Beep beep boop
Track Name: The Rain (An Unfinished Track)
You can’t stop the rain, it comes down and washes you and me and weeeee
When it rains it pours, it washes a-way all the things we used to seeeee-eee

Verse 1-Lockes
Rain (Ahhh) The Rain
It falls on your head, whether you're alive or dead
Rain, on the place, on my face
You die in the middle of the street and it washes you away

Verse 2 - ????

(Intro to Verse 3) - Lockes
R.I.P Big Daddy, Stu Nichols, Andrew Haliburton, Justin Sanders….
Joseph Lawani, Maria, so many names, I can’t remember them all, I can’t believe so many people have died, all this death, all this murder, it’s driving me CRAZY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Verse 3 – Lockes
Guns aren’t cool, you should realize
Recognize why guys and girls I know have to die
One by house fire, one shot at point blank range
By the po-po, those dick suckers with no soul
Friend killed by his girlfriend’s X-boyfriend [jealous]
Friend killed himself because he let his joy end [helpless]
By the broken heart, dude was too smart
That’s too many friends of mine whose heart had to…
Stop…the rain came to clean the game up
Wash away the bad, those dying to be famous
To the extent that they actually die after they lie
Down, pills poured down their throats because they don’t like how their life sounds
I’m down in case you ain’t notice, life is bogus
We just sittin in place, waiting for the locomotive
The Ghost Train to pick us up and take us away
While our bodies get washed down drains by the rain
Track Name: Lockes Feat. MC Astro - Chosen
Verse 1
Leaving a 15 inch foot print on the wo’l
Got here without having to rap about gold
Or blow, only after the goals and guhl’s
Mo of a funk flow that’ll grow till I explode
Droppin down the science like KRS-ONE
Or Albert Einstien while I have fun
Coming straight to life when Y hits the drum
Big chief meat you gonna need bigger buns
Big chief heat spit fire like guns
Big chief speaking only as the youngest one
Of the chosen children practically golden children
Fixing your cars and heart and goin for the millions
Skillman, record breaker like Emmitt Smith man
Capacity and accuracy that you can never hit man
Dallas Texas you need to show respect kid
Spaceman is here man show them how you wreck it!

Verse 3
And we gon keep it moving like I just cast Haste
These people can’t keep up with my fast pace, they will end up last place
Tragic rap shit for you fuckin bastards
We got the skills and be bringing it out like magic
Lockes spits Fire but he’s colder than a Blizzard
Faster than a Thunder Bolt, hit you in an instant
Sick like poison, leave you biologically Drained
I’ll Break ya brain maine, do you understand?
Astro causing Flares cause he’s from out there
Like space, come down to earth and cause Quakes
Flow like a Flood and leave you spinnin in your room
Like a Whirlwind, fool, this team here causes Doom!
Give my girl her pearls and I gotta save the world
Cause we are closer to the end like we see a Meteor
I’m a Chosen one but not the only one
This team make a hit that’s the Ultima! (UH!)

Bridge X2
When I was just a boy, my father told me son
You will be the one, you will be the one

Verse 4 – Lockes
Now the plan is to keep introspective in rotation
Till I’m compared to Molekular, Kraftmatik, Flotation
MC Astro, sit back and rap mo
Kickin the ass of all those assholes
Who you fast forward through they’re raps so
You can get to that single that’s been pounded through yo capsules
Don’t let them MaCK you, come to the next chapter
Got better stuff like the brand new Snapple
Good for you, too, we taste spectacular
And it doesn’t matter who’s the best at our vernacular
I have a few like me so I can build a dream team
And I need to lead cause I can see where we need to be
Some of these people are just not to be
Get more skills case these people don’t think you’re sweet
I got the sweetest sweet, kinda like a honey bee
Skills of a boss, Don, complete with pinky ring
You don’t have to kiss it, no need to get on your knees
All I need is love, weed, a little bit of cheese
The ability to pitch in and help my family
Never drop the ball, quick speed for the TD
Never stop the Lockes, rip it free every week
Every thought from GOD, equipped with the blessing
Track Name: (Disappear) Rainbow
Verse 1 – Lockes
We need to bring the colors of the world back together like a Rainbow!
Racism’s alive, don’t act like you can’t know
We hatin our own species just because somebody say so
Naw man, I know what sells: crime and hate
Kill this and that but we can’t make it our fate
Please make your brothers your brothers, your sisters your sisters and not mistreat them to make their souls suffer, mister
You’re a leader, you can change the whole world, for real!
Don’t lose your soul for the hundred dollar bills
Puttin yourself at risk for the million dollar deals
You gotta feel me on this man you can’t afford to miss
Green’s not the only color that exsists
We bleed red our people see blue but the pain can end quick (We must)
Help our people despite their color, despite their lovers, please no more haters
Oh please no more haters
Savor the flavor of your heart turning to gold and don’t die for gold just because you don’t know
Hate ain’t the new love
Give someone a hug
And don’t let the world crumble underneath us just because

Cuz, Blood, whatever
Black white asian spainsh Indian whatever!
We are all the same, say it proud and say it loud
Let’s work together so we can get up in the clouds
(Are you down for the rise?) X5
Well I’mma rep the whole globe and all parts that’s good