(My Horrible Journey For Something Wonderful)

by Lockes

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The (damn I was high and nervous as shit when I made this) album is dead. The Horrible Journey is over...but...the Something Wonderful never came HOWEVER...this album is still legit. Check it out for free, no downloads though...more songs coming soon.

Most of these tracks were recorded 3 years ago. S/O to Nikki, Cree, Creative Insanity...and all my elemental femmes.


released August 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Lockes Dallas, Texas

Lockes Thadern is a special kind of entertainer. He isn't driven by the same old drivel. His mind is expanded as well as his rhymes. He uses eccentric type styles with smooth delivery and speeds similar to OutKast mixed with E-40. His instrumentals and songs are never the same more than once. There IS a song for everyone. Check out one (or all) of his many projects here! ... more

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Track Name: Shut Em Down
When I was younger and still had faith in my brother
I was being punked by a large amount of suckas
Now I’m busting heads with the way I ride the beat
Turn my enemies girlfriends in sexy little freaks, I’m a BEAST
Some people think I’m labeled triple six
But they stupid dog I pray at the end of this
Seed Pack have my back, I’d do the same for them
We grew up together I’ll represent them to the end
I’m gonna get crunk and leave my carbon foot print
Cept I don’t poison the earth with the liquid that I spit
Let’s play little bank take big bank this time
Cause you fools are going crazy and losing your got damn minds
I’ve seen little Wayne and Eminem clones but they suck
They buck but won’t knuck cause they know we so crunk
Can’t wait for the sluts, you know I’m always on a prowl
Smoke a pound of sticky stanky weed to calm my ass down
Track Name: Do It Dallas
Drop freestyles with Bobby Fisha feelin the vibe
Need to get me a freaksta up in my ride
If she hears this she’ll drop it low
Tell Lockes to go so deep inside
Just got out my ride with a smile on my face
Somewhere in North Dallas, a talented filled place
Flowed with Flotation at Movement Mondays
And also with Astro at Drum and Bass
I’m crazed, laid back, still getting high
Don’t criticize me about my mind
Don’t even waste all of my time
I’m grindin for life so get it right
Doing something good in the Lone Star State
Other states want us to go away they hate
Roll with a crow bar and not just to break up a face
But open up what I got inside this crate

Dirty Down Town Dallas Tell Me What’s The Deal?
One of us better reach at least a mill
If it’s me, best be doin my job
Everything else is on the rest of yall

On my grind spree like my name is Young Seed
Get money bees and make money grow on trees
Use G-A-M-E just to fuck hoes on their knees
Then tell them to leave cause I’m in love with Cree
Baby give me a kiss if I see ya again
Don’t have time for another female friend
Need her to tend to me like a garden of Zen
With the ability to make both our bodies blend
On my hustle spree like my name is Fat C
I mean C Fat, Crook Family, Pookie Lucci
Go Hard made a track with Earl 40
We got next, here comes the mothafuckin cheese
I need a space where I can mack and jam
If I can’t make this shit it’s back to scams
I’m not a king but I’ll jack your gems
Can’t be defeated so raise my hand
Track Name: Just Me
I’m Lockes Thadern Thief still nothing can make me sit still
Got brain damage and I still spit the real
Criticize me all you want you don’t know how it feels
Lookie here, I’mma tell you the deal
And if I’m gonna be clean as the Listerine and the Colgate I use to whiten my teeth
Then it’s best for both of us if I just be me
Yeah playa that’s the deal

Verse 1
So I’m chillin with two of my homies, obviously looking for honeys
Glancing every which a way hoping one catches my eye
Or two or three who’s counting, I’m watching them bouncing
And suddenly I hear from my guy
He say’s “Prescott don’t stare” and I give him a glare
Like I was gonna punch him in the face
I tell him, man I’m a G just being me
So get the fuck off my case
I caught a girl’s eye, gave her a smile
She was shy but still smiled back
I went up to her, talked to her and got her number
And told my homie, that’s how you do that, jack!
There was another who was a mother, but beautiful than a fucker
Told me her son was with her dad
I took her to the bathroom to let her cut loose
And told my homie, that’s how you do that, jack!

Verse 2
So I’m riding with bro and he tells me, ay Lo
You got no style in your clothes
I tell him, I know, but I use my flow
And I still get to pick up the hoes
He tells me, yeah right, no day or night
Can you pick up a chick all bummy
I said, listen dog, I’m like Paul Wall
Catchin boppers even if I drove a buggy
He tells me prove it, next bar we get in to you get
One girl to give you a kiss
I told him make it five, found nine and spit my jive
And got a peck from every single chick
Good thing we didn’t bet he said shaking his head
And I gave him a look like “fool”
Being yourself is the best bet you can get
So go on and stop being a tool
(Chorus x2)

Verse 3
So here’s the next deal, I was sittin tryna chill
When a girl walked up to me
She said, you think you the shit, that’s what you think you is
And she almost threw her drink at me
I said, look lady, I don’t know what crazy
Mothafucka put you up to this
But you can’t hate the playa, you gotta hate the game
So could you please cease and desist?
She said Hell no, no way in the world
Am I gonna let you slide
You made my boyfriend jealous from your ridiculous dick
And he committed suicide
I said damn that’s bad baby he should of just hated
But how in the world did he know?
I gave you dome and told him so
And it ruined his whole wo’d oh no!
Track Name: The Terrible Ones Are Subdued
The problems are solved for now the terrible ones are subdued
…Now it’s just me and you

Verse 1
Some guys leave their baby mama’s in such a rut it makes no sense
Some children steal from they mama’s purses dollars and cents
Some guys rape the women they know they’ll never get
Some girls talk dirty about each other even if they’re best friends
I can’t do anything about it but spit into this mic
And hope the words will go into a soul or in a life
Change the way their minds work if they are out their minds
And find a way to let those girls know it will all be fine (2 times)

Verse 2
She cries because no one loves her and she thinks she’s ugly
She cries because I can’t love her even though she loves me
She cries because she loves him but he her body he’s always punching
She cries because she is obviously suffering
I can’t do anything about it but spit into this mic
And try to find a way to let those girls know it is fine
Change the guys attitudes cause they all seem out their minds
And hope the world changes now still wouldn’t have been over night (2 times)
Track Name: Ya Know I Love(d) Ya
You know I love ya
And everything you do
I wanna see ya
But you make me oh so blue
You know I love ya (why you wanna do me like that, huh? Why you wanna do me like that, girl?)

Verse 1 - Lockes
Her name is Creative Insanity, actually that's a handle, her name is Nikki
I remember knowing her when I was about 16
She taught me the ways of the virtual world
Taught me lol and how to talk to girls
With the uptmost respect of course otherwise I'd be a shitty human being
But with her loving guidance, she kept me clean
Taught me how to wield magic and swords
Taught me to use my weaknesses to win the war
Cause battles are a limited part of what we are seeing
I loved her and never decided to go creepin
I completely wanted to be hers
But like always it didn't work
I made a mistake and she was leaving
So now I'm here alone still thinking
What about this horrible journey is so wonderful?
If I get everything I want except my favorite girl?

Verse 2 - Lockes
If all my plans worked like they'd supposed ta
I wouldn't have this chip on my shoulder
I would be chillin with Cree or anyone for that matter
Instead of having to listen to all these other assholes
You certainly can say I told ya
But you didn't have to leave me so broke-un
Broke worse than any lost battle
Broke worse than my 2012 cash flow
Look at me boo, I'm getting colder
Gonna send a song out asking to be your lover
If you say no this time I won't get sadder
I'll just have to move on and find someone who can make me happier
Take them to the bedroom under the covers
And try not to think of you while I (what) her
You're the girl I would want to be with forever
And if it ain't you I'll be a lover never
Even if I get the girls by the plethora
(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Pretty
I love the girls with the pretty ass smiles
I love the girls with the pretty ass eyes
I love the girls with the pretty ass thighs
I love the girls with the pretty ass (SCRATCH IT SCRATCH IT)

I walked up to this girl and said let me take a look at ya
Banging from the front and bangin from that back of ya
I like your singin hopefully will be seein you screamin soon
But I'm getting a head of myself like I usually do
So what you sippin on? Fuck that what you cheefin on?
Lookin at a piece like you gots me keep going on
I know my songs seem wordy but that's the only way
That I can get this mothalovin story across
Don't worry at all, Lockes Thadern is here to save you
From the the boring life that is everyday day to day to
Write your number on this page and I promise I'll call sometime after today
It might be tomorrow it might be in a week
But guarantee you'll be hearing from me
Can we go the distance? We'll see
If not the next girl will find me where I usually be.

I love the girls with the pretty ass smiles
I love the girls with the pretty ass eyes
I love the girls with the pretty ass thighs
I love the girls with the pretty ass (SCRATCH IT SCRATCH IT)
Track Name: The Wind Produced By The Universal Sickness
Verse 1 - Lockes
You...destroyed me...
I...destroyed you...
Hearts in ashes...
Flying into the blue...
Sex, love, and an awesome soul
Sex, drugs and rock and roll
Sex, sex, sex and sex
No more love...so I want to fly away

Fly away...I want to fly away...
Fly away...I want to fly away...
Track Name: F*ck Times Five
Verse 1 - Lockes
I want her. But I don't know how to talk to her
Kinda still in a rut from all those cock blockers
But enough about them, baby girl lemme hollah
You knew I wanted you from the way that I watched ya
I’mma spend a whole year simply searchin for the dollars
And had to take some time off searchin for the mamas
Had to turn darker otherwise I'd just love you
But you'd drop the anvil on my head like a cartoon
I'm back with a vengence, get in the Benz and jet
But it's not a Benz yet just a dream I guess
But it gets you exactly where you need to be
And all that matters is if we caress
Relieve your stress with a little bit of sess
And put your body through the ultimate test
Have a good memory when you’re getting that check
But I'll still be flattered if you called me the best

Verse 2 - Magno
She got black make-up and spikes on her boots
That's my type a freaky girl through and through
Treats her boyfriends like cuckolds
Fuck bois
Don't even know how to treat their girls
When they speak all I see is noise
And every single week they use the weak ass flows
Girl don't care with the peircing in her nose
She still waiting till the day we make a Magno show

These females come in so many varieties
Still out and about searching for the right genes
My nine will hit you deep in your spleen
And I'm nasty enough to fuck you while you bleed
Take a bit of this jizzum misses and bouce
Suck on my dick take this and get out
All the pimps know what I'm talkin about
Shit better be clean if I'm going down south

Verse 3 - KO KhaOs
I don't know what to say so I'll ramble a little bit
Fuck this chocolate chick until I make some chocolate bits
Get a marshmellow chick and a girl colored gram
Make smores out those chicks and be like damn!
Delicious, I'm vicious when I huntin for some chickens
Thick legs and thighs, breasts and what's missin
Go ahead and give me some honey with them biscuits
Pour it all on top of you and watch that body glisten
If I'm makin you hungry, leave my room now
If I'm making you horny you know what I'm talkin bout
I'm a freak, rub your clit when I go down south
I love the sight of your pussy when you bring it around
Up all night, fuck all night, fuckin right, I'll fuck you right (x2)

Verse 4 - HypNo
I got her. A smile wide on her face
She got freckles and red hair and a delicate taste
Like strawberries, and between her legs is all hairy
Some guys probably think that it is too scary
It's only pussy, no need to be afraid
Weak in the knees while the old thief takes it away
So fuckin wonderful I do concur
Put your mind in a daze and make your eyes start to blur
Thick ass chick with round cheeks and nice teeth
20 years old and loves the beat
Sweet to the taste, freak to the touch
Big ass titties now that's a plus
I know you want me baby but please don't rush
Or your heart will get crushed and it'll all be fucked
You love my touch and you love my lust
I'll promise you I'll give it to you till you've had enough
Track Name: Divided States
Thief Class be the class that's always on the level
Blame me if you want, you are all fucking devils!

We can’t even agree on where we can smoke weed
How in the Hell we gonna claim to be the world police?
Team America, fuck yeah! Talk shit we’ll kick your ass
While everyone wants to be a rapper but no one really wants to be black
Cause we getting fucked up around here and nothing gets taken away
Barack Obama president but we still see KKK
I’d get an AK if I could afford it but gas prices too high
The trip to find the gun dude will run my tank dry
We talk about revolutions but ain’t doing nothing really
We supposed to be united but can’t decide on something silly
I’m mean look at me! What am I still doing here?
Sometimes I wonder if I could get away with killin yo bitch ass
And snatch your necklace if you still wearin them
Can’t sell your skinny jeans because it still has your smell in them
Smells like bitch piss if you ask me prick
And you old ass dudes need to pass the shit
I’m seeing high ranks but I ain’t seeing no tanks
Capo, Crappo, but the dro is dank
Everyone else is on blow and crank
My most successful homeboy can’t let go of the drank
No matter how much my success grow I’ll still hold a skank
But bootie clubs ain’t free, strippers walk the plank
Nah I’m playing ladies you know I love you
But lately it is getting hard to tell if you even love dudes!
Everyone trying to snatch the cash and being a thug rules
Nobody even care about the mothafuckin rules
But you’ll get shook up if you see a fuckin thug cruise
And who’s cruisin with him? That mothafuckin fool
Lockes Thadern Thief! That be the name
All thadern freaks make me wanna get the cane
Hustle till I barely fumble and be put in a hole for years!
Nah I’m just playing, let’s keep it clear
Kids getting shot up military style
Everyone looking to the Bible but GOD said bye
He’s expanding the universe, he don’t have time for your lies
Devil can’t wait till we all see our demise
Aliens coming down, better watch your head
Put foil on top but still get shot dead
Dallas the city with the dancers, thugs and ballers
Buildings getting bigger but South Dallas still has pot holes
Get gunned down by the crazy racist officers
People in uptown say it ain’t their problem
Maybe we should pack our bags and move to Colorado
Or any other place where it’s nice to pot smoke
I barely wanna put my dick down a hoes throat
Cause she ain’t disease free and I just don’t hope
Shit got Lo sick made Lo sick to Lo's soul
Every idea I hear lately seems completely throwed
They say you ain’t a master P, you ain’t bout it bout it
The hood clubs ain’t fun cause people get shot when they around it
I got an order from Jack in the Crack the total was 420
And I thought to myself, hopefully I’ll have a good thing
Cause the Something Wonderful at first was a girl named Cree
But I didn’t know how famous I’d had to be for her to see me
I don’t even know if she remembers me though
Just wanted to apologize for the problems from before
I guess I’m an American, we are addicted to sick shit
I should have known not everyone loves this
Peace is on average the largest global wish
But the guys with all the power are warmongering dicks
If we had a lady president, they’d treat her like a bitch
This nation makes my skin crawl sometime’s I itch
Do anything for the shine and glits you little shits
No one can truly tell how deep this is
Doctor please help us we’re falling apart
2012 didn’t mean much and I didn’t see nothing start
When are we gonna be the United States?
When someone comes and Boston Marathons the place?
Then we grab the flags and stop being stupid asses
People still hungry, still dying in crashes
Accidents that shouldn’t happen, actions are blasting
What’s the true value of the dollar I’m always asking?
People like me get on people like you’re’s nerves
But people like you will get what they deserve
We’re all still standing, there’s supposed to be a change
But more problems arose and old problems stayed
What tha fuck?

Thief Class...used to be the class...now it's run by mostly zeroes
Maybe I should switch my class and become a Super Hero!
Track Name: (Disappear) Outer Hehven 2
Open up shop, have to buy a glock cause these mothafuckas wanna disrespect

Outer Heaven 1, got shut down
Cause this young one was such a damn clown
Now I’m hustling in the winter and the summer
Try to find a way to get up to football numbers
Cause I wanna host shows, get goals done, get gold records, get hoes to suck get more respectful individuals and fuck Ray Ray all day I could’ve pulled that show off without you, I don’t care what the fuck you say
Got Sleepy on my right, Journey on my left
We may be artists but you best cut the check
Or Party Bear may have to be-come-Sneaky
Have you losing more money then when ya faucet is leaky
My pad will be unique like I made it from Sim City
I didn’t think I’d succumb to flossin but all of the blood is in me
A new twist on an old mack sorry for talkin crap, I want Karen Woosley back
No mo dirty hoes tryna take off my clothes

That means Megan Flagout with the Herpes
Luckily I wore that rubber and was SAFE
Next time a girl has sex with me and tells me she is deadly afterwards is getting a bullet in the brain
Don’t play that shit, I’m big boss Lockes
Least guarantee you won’t be spreading that shit again
We may not be gangsters but we know game, cross us and we will get you good (Spit it Sleepy!)
Track Name: (Bonus) Typical Weed Song By Lo
Back in 04 Lo smoked some dro
Ate all the cookies and smoked some mo
Me and my buddies were doing real great
I was tryna get some cutty but my game was lame
Made a few mistakes but I’m still alive
Man, GOD must’ve put me on this earth, just to get high (Alright)
Mary Jane, you are my favorite lady
I know I know I know, it seems so crazy
We’ve been together for almost ten years
And you told me you’re gonna be right here
…so many people know your name
If we made you legal the whole world will be saved
Let me uplift you, uplift me, uplift us
Anyone who is getting tired of snorting all that dust
Don’t put that in your nose, buy pounds of dro
And lets watch the stars fall on our road and all the stars go

I’m I’m I’m So High

Verse 2 - Lockes
Back in 05 Lockes losts his mind
Did some cheap crimes but didn’t make a dime
My buds weren’t buddies with my buddies no more
But everyone loved me and gave me tons of dro
My past caught up to me like it usually does
I was paranoid and Mary Jane knew what it was
(It heightens your current situation I hope you know)
That’s why back in 04 it made Lo flow
Mary Jane, you should be a super hero
Calm crazy people down, won’t blow up the world
Calm normal people down and won’t worry much bout bills
Calm calm people down you won’t even see them there
So many flavors I think I take my pick
Orange Kush is my favorite
Pick up some papers and watch it roll
As we watch the stars fall on our road, and the stars go

Verse 3 – Lockes
In 2011 I felt like I was in heaven
Had my ego grow second flow exit the ceiling
My freestyle was killin all of the competition
But only because I did it, after I was cheefin
Get’s me in a mode man I don’t know
Maybe it does the same for you man I am show
Like for instance, I did 6 hits for this shit in August 26
Of 2012 after taking a great big hit
Sober Lockes is no fun wants to grumble and moan
High Lockes wants love and bud for the whole globe
And make songs no one out there can really hold
And smoke, stroke, smoke, stroke
Mary Jane, I will never fail you
I bet your goodies can make boats sail too
I want a hemp filled car can you picture me roll?
As I fly up to the stars, watchin the world, and the stars go

Drink something, smoke something, fuck something

Fair weather fans, how I missed yooooouuuuuuu
Fair weather fans, what can I dooooooo~whoooooooo
Track Name: (Bonus) My Clothes
I can’t dance like Michael Jackson but I try my best
Kick out my leg wearing an orange vest
I got orange shoes, shoot, Dallas knows how I do
I wish I had me an orange cruise
It started when I wanted to be a ninja turtle
So obviously it happened when I wasn’t too old
I liked the idea of partying and using my nunchucks
But I couldn’t really win cause they got guns and such
My family bought me orange for my whole life
Yeah my mom likes to complain, but believe me she’s alright
Gave me everything I needed to be a perfect seedling
While my sisters helped me constantly though I’d be defeated
I followed the beating of the rhythm and poetry
And took the only clothes known to me for all the shows and things
People wondered why does he have so many shades?
Didn’t even listen to the thangs I was trying to say damn

“That man’s clothes are orange!”
Yes I noticed. I guess most of this shit requires a little focus
My dro isn’t really orange but I would like some that is as potent
But I’m not really sure if it is really that important

Let’s go shit
I like oranges the fruit and the juice and my suit
Has orange trimming on it, the girls think it’s cute
They smile all the time, they know how I do
If it was up to me, we’d do it in the bathroom
The girls I like are cute, with fat ass cheeks
Sexy ass bodies, bad ass tits
Saying hi to me, pointing with their nips
And if I spit this right, I’ll get to touch that clit
I’m stealing hearts and possessions right in a single sweep
They forgive me for it cause I’m also digging deep
Get in that G S P O T with my 9 inch dick
And have her tell her home girls about it
Now I got me a posse and they’re all wearing green
Ah, you thought I’d mean orange, but that color belongs to me
They got on all green getting green for thadern Thief
And tha Thief is feelin sweet as a P-I-M-P

Chorus X2

Let’s go shit
If love was still an option she’d had to be an O.G.
With an ability to get the others to listen to me
A boss bitch, with this and that I know how she do
The only one I’d want to take into my bedroom
Our shit would be color coded and loaded with smoke
Wireless Cable box got our TV on the poach
Roll me an orange blunt smoke it down to the roach
She wears purple and never stunts, we get down and go
Perfect for me and it wasn’t too early so shit will last
I’m too tactical to succumb to donkey booties being a jackass
Laugh have mad sex, get checks, credit and cash
Double up on this and triple up on that
She’d be the reason I’d settle down yo
Yall can’t read my language yall just don’t know
I’ma float to the good life where happiness is sold
While yall are just gonna stare at my clothes
Track Name: (Bonus) The Ice
The Ice…I hope you know what that means

What did she want from me? Did she want me to lay down and die?
Would marrying her have kept anything alive?
Am I one to disrespect the sanctity of anything?
But the only time she felt me was inside my dreams
Why would she have the audacity to blend imagery and reality?
Even though I loved her and trusted her dearly
Am I trippin or did she really want me? (x3)
The methanphetimines infest her mind
But when I knew her, man, she was completely fine
These girls are getting skinny and unhealthy, B
You can put that on me for not telling you to stay away from that thing
Everyone has issues some people solve them
While other people add and multiply to the problem
Maybe I’m the latter but never did I battle
And never did I tattle on you and your dude
If you think this is about you then it’s probably true
How many bitches out there can sing this tune (x2)
How many bitches

Are on that Ice? Are you ready to pay the price
Of your souls or at least your teeth?

What did I want from her? Did I want her to be by my side?
Would fucking her have taken away her pride?
Am I one to disrespect the sanctity of pregnancy?
She wasn’t even pregnant how could I miss such a thing?
Why would she have the audacity to blend imagery and reality?
Even though I messed up and wanted to save her badly?
Am I trippin or did she really need me? (x3)
The meth dealers are threatening her life
Trying to make me pay the ultimate price
These d.bags are getting filthy and ready to kill, B
You can put that on me I wish you said stay away from me
Everyone has issues I was trying to solve them
But every move I made added and multiplied to the problem
Maybe I needed a ladder to climb to the attic and rattle the cages of these rats living in my own room
If you think this is about you then you’re just now in tune
How many busters out there keep the game true? (x2)
How many busters

I’m sick and tired of drama queens all the time lookin ugly claimin they fine
Brain fucked by methanphetimines and always after one thing
Why would she have the audacity to blend imagery and reality? (x2)
I’m tryna dick her and she doesn’t believe (x3)
The methanphetimines got her in sight
But the police let her slide cause she’s white
If she was black she’d be doing 100 mill, B
Life sentences for my race now do you feel me?
Everyone has issues and yours can’t be solved hun
Because you happen to be problem
Maybe I should steal half of your tools and make you go back to your roots so you’d stop screwing the moves that us hustlers do
How many bitches still complaining when the ladies don’t hear that tune (x2)
How many bitches

Whatever happened to chillin and just smoking weed?
At the end of this song you won’t be no beauty queen (x2)

On that Ice (x2)
Bitch stay off that blow
On that Ice (x2)
Am I trippin or did she really want me?
Am I trippin or did she really need me?
On that Ice are you ready to pay the price of your souls or at least your teeth?
Whatever happened to chillin and just smoking weed?
At the end of this song you won’t be no beauty queen
Nah, bitches, goodnight
Track Name: (Bonus) The Flames
The heat between us can burn to the touch
Hopefully I won't lose her from my suffocating lust
She touches, she smiles, she flashes she giggles
But then she might leave if I give her too much
My game's a little strange but it's known as the truth
I was weakened from The Water but the Flames brings proof
There may always be a number one but there's always a number two
Who can switch positions with you in you look at it like you should
I guess my element would have to be the wood
Would the Flames burn me down if the Flames ever could
She's good she's freaky, she's not needy or tweeky
Speaking so easily to me and never leaving me be
Screaming hear ye hear ye
But what about Cree? Funny, she reminds me of her yearly
Baby had a baby so I called her my Baby B
Until Baby amazed me daily so I call her First Lady B

I'm tired of the bastardized situations from the masterminds making us
Break apart and disrupt our art and I'm waiting
To either see GOD or Satan, didn't know which one of them was faking
All I saw was love but it wasn't the same thing
As the love that brings amazement to the ones that bring amazement to me
But I was lusting and now I'm feeling the effects of e'erything
Even the hating. I promise you are someone I never hated
You're my favorite Lady I hope you remain with we even if you don't remain with me
For now I'm saving and waiting for sensations but those busters kept braking me down
Straight taking it away from me and attempting to drive me crazy
But I'll stay strong for everyone if you are staying
I didn't know Dave's thing and supposedly messed up Dave's living
I guess that's what happens when I try to be the face of things
bNb is still my favorite group and you are my favorite lady
But I didn't see you until I finally thought of the days when it was r