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    Lockes presents Thief! April 20, 2011. In order to promote The Clouds, Thunderstorms, Hugs and Kisses Album and his close nit team of like minded insane individuals, Lockes decided (on 03162011) to make a mixtape. The Thief Mixtape will be completely free and chock full of new surprises you may have never even heard before. Free to the public. Power to the people. Games for the Players.




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This is the first mixtape I've ever made. An unsung masterpiece, "Thief!" takes on an important role in educating ourselves. Still a bit of Party though...


released April 20, 2011

The Bad News Bears, Kool~Aid Assassination, and the Kinfloke



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Lockes Dallas, Texas

Lockes Thadern is a special kind of entertainer. He isn't driven by the same old drivel. His mind is expanded as well as his rhymes. He uses eccentric type styles with smooth delivery and speeds similar to OutKast mixed with E-40. His instrumentals and songs are never the same more than once. There IS a song for everyone. Check out one (or all) of his many projects here! ... more

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Track Name: Cool, Cool and In School
Lockes’s Verse –

Now usually I spit facts, do a little rap
Hope that will have the ability to let me kick back
But you know it’s true when they told you to go to school
You’ll get more money then what’s expected of you
Just gotta know how to roll with comes up when
You get hit with a test, don’t just roll with no punches! (LEARN)
(LEARN) And there’s a chance you don’t like school
It’s cool, but I promise you that don’t make you a fool
Use what they taught to get your own start
Build your own spot to show them that you smart
Even at the top, you just don’t stop
High enough in the sky to give high fives to GOD
If you don’t like teachers, then teach yourself
Learn business, economics, art and health
Getting a degree is what you need to do
So you can at least show them you know how to pursue

Chorus (Big Y)
Cool, Cool, and in School Dawg
Cool, Cool and in School and in School Dawg (x3)
Track Name: It's Alright
Mothafucka doesn’t know what he’s been doing with his life
But it’s alright, it’s alright (X2)
Everything will be alright at the end of the night
Cause it’s alright, it’s alright
Everything will be alright at the end of the night
Yup it’s alright, Hey
I went up to school, El Centro
Thought I would get a degree and get some dough
But I didn’t, who was I kidding? HA!
Years ago I went to UTD, did the same thing
And get myself a degree and some cheese
It didn’t work, now that’s why I feel like such a jerk
I got a smirk on the mothafuckin time because I’m happy
Even though my hair is so mothafuckin nappy
Even though my pockets are so mothafuckin scrappy
I got my friends and they got the back of me
Even though I don’t always have their backs
But they understand what is up with that
I’ll always be back, though, I won’t turn on ya
A mothafucka…was tryin to tell ya something but I don’t even remumba

I don’t know what that had to do with anything but it’s okay, I said
I don’t know what that had to do with anything but it’s okay
It’s a freestyle from the top of the brain, it is 12:38 nah
You know I’m lying, it is 12:36 and I’m sitting here rhyming
Man, I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m sitting in my mama’s house
Doesn’t that shit suck? Make you wanna shout, Rarf!
Rarf! Rarf, like a fuckin dog
Bark bark bark, chew, paw paw paw
Scratch, sniff come in lick on my balls
That part made especially for the broads
It’s Lockes the damn Thief, gambling as always (always)
Don’t need to rap about chasing you down hallways
Got you in a trance with the shit I make all day
And maybe I could use it to get myself paid
Track Name: Mama and Papa
Mama knows best cause mama knows stress
Mama doesn’t want ya in a bullet proof vest
Mama might see decency in those around
Or mama might not know how things sound
Mama knows the pain but mama knows game
Mama strain to get fly like planes
Mama work hard to bring home bacon
Mama thinks Lockes don’t know what she sayin
Mama works long and might stress out
Poor mama doesn’t know what the mess about
But mama still livin and mama stay strong
Even with 4our children and our papa gone
Papa died quick Lo was of 5 going on 6
May have seen rain but Lo can’t remember it
Papa was a Pharmacist, I don’t mean on the street
Papa made arrangements when it was time to go to sleep
Papa moved to heaven, throwing down sevens
Lucky numbers to the mama and her children
Papa sought ta brought all of tha bless of GOD
And uh Papa in spirit helped when things got hard
Papa looked like me don’t ask who’s my daddy
My father was the shit, Joesph Lawani actually
Papa I’ll see you soon, mama keep me strong
Lockes being like Papa when he carrys round his scars
Track Name: One of Those Days
School days in and out now I’m back to a hustle
Gotta work each and every-one of my mental muscles
Gotta get stronger cause I must get up above you
No matter what you do e’erybody won’t love you
I’m doin much to appease pray to God on my knees
Don’t speed, blowed weed and I’m throwed and free
Lost my job cause I’m a foo’ who dreams of 22s
My black car crashed too but I’m just not blue
But I love this hunk of junk I must use a bunch
Do my best on these tests as I try to come up
My mom always workin, so I don’t see her as much
I will practice craftin the art of getting with guhs
I may be more creative but I got dreams too
I’m day dreamin scheming on the things I must do
In fact it’s been a while since I had bar-b-cue
My days are good enough bro how bout you?
Track Name: Get High
Verse 1 –
What’s up kids? Smoke some weed see
Cause you don’t need some of the shit these people feed we
Side effects are wide in stretch
Food filled with steroids
12 year old Lo was already growing facial hair boi
What does it take to make us all turn into variables? (Dro)
What do we do to break free of the chains? (Dro)
How do we keep them from turning us into slaves? (Dro)
Too many brain waves can make you insane in the membrane
Lockes got the picklock set
That’ll get your brainfree from what’s put on the wrist (hmmm…Bling? Handcuffs?)
Creativity and originality is the very best way
To escape the hate and garbage you could be getting everyday
But some might hate cause you and them are just not the same
They look at you of like you an ATLien
But I’m from Dallas, maine
Bless with the superpowers, maine
And things may never be the same but there’s more than one way to play this mothafuckin game

Chorus – (1:18)
Sometimes I gotta get high for motivation
Sometimes I feel despress but I keep on pressing
Like a nicely pressed shirt dressed to impress them
So much in life going on I gotta mention

(So much in life going on forgot-ta mention) I’m Yours
Track Name: HypNo Entry (8-Bit)
Live version coming soooon~!
Track Name: Lockes Feat. CJ and The Boogie Man - Smooth
(Smooth like a hot comb on nappy ass hair)

Smooth X6

Verse 1 – Lockes
They want you rememberin
Second that they enter in the building
Got their ego grow to second floor
Exit the ceiling
And they want to make flossin and ballin
Seem so cool
And they want to make making it rain seem so smooth
I’ma do a different smooth for you to enjoy
Being awesome is synonymous with
Spreading joy
I want you to know, and you to know, and you to know
That a super cool dude is comin through the do’
I don’t have haters comin
And the police they do not hunt me
Unless you count the fact that they always after our ass
But I don’t give a damn, I’m gonna chill with more than freaks
And be the bigger man and give her more than just drinks
I got that hot comb flow, cold soul tryna get warm
And I am a pro, got my fro, won’t get no perm
Cause I’m not a pimp, I’m just slick as these here words
And it comes out naturally as when the world turns
I’m smooth

Verse 2 – C Swag (CJ)
Chill like an ice tea, you ain’t cooler than me
Even in my white tee, you ain’t smoother than me
You might be real good with words, kinda slick with the tongue
But from the hood to the burbs I’m as slick as they come
Yo my style so original (Uh) I’m no criminal
But in my blue and white yo, I’m smoother than mike
Get it right, Lockes you better tell them folk
I’m out this world they can’t see me with a telescope
Little squares follow me like an atlas yeah
But I swear they ain’t even in my atmosphere
So don’t dare get to hatin on the confidence
Name’s Swag, hating on me is a compliment
Get it right like Dollamight on these rap fools
No ice in my mouth but I rap jewels
Yo it’s if you couldn’t tell I am that dude, uh
That’s why you think I’m charming when I act rude
I’m that smooth


Verse 3 – The Boogie Man
I’mma verbal assassin, my flow’s fantastic
When I was rapping I just graduated to master
I work magick can’t teach it it’s just talent
It’s no challenge I just bend words like elastic
A flow so outta this world, gravity couldn’t grasp it
The alphabet tried to sue for verbal harassment
Vocabs I have a mass ???
With thoughts so far pass my past don’t even exsist
You would need a gas mask to make it through the mist
You just take a chance man let’s see how far you get
You cannot withstand the acid that I spit
Half face, half space, two faced like Harvey Dent
I am not like you, me, I am a creature
A shadow of the night that can move through the ether
These are not mere words I move through the speaker
I’m The Boogie Man but you might know me as the reaper
I’m smooth
Track Name: Ay Yi Yi
Mami? Mami. Mami! Mami!! Ay yi yi (x2)

Verse 1 (:17)
I smoke the doobie all the way to the bootie
Love my booties in packs of 3s
Like beers, but already drank half of it
Asses gotta be packed, lemme slap that shit
If asses are flat but you have nice lips
And you know how to lick, come work that tip
Love a nice body that can work for tips

Come with me (((sky high))) so high

We'd be lookin just like some black ice
Seems like a goody, this is the life
And she's a cutie, makes you wanna look twice
Alternate dimension, that bootie's too nice
I love girls that don't have time for lames
Smoke, drink, and play video games
Be a nerd with me but when it's time to change
You make heads turn until the necks break!!!

I flow fluidly to make you shake your bootie
Love my booties extra fat like trees
Stuffed in sacks [all] not half that shit
Asses gotta be packed, lemme grab that shit
If asses are flat but you have nice tits
Then I'mma fit in the middle and do a little trick
A real nice base, face, work it, chick
Work it chick, work it chick

For some this life has too high a price
But this is the kind of life I like, like
Control yo insides like they're fuckin mine
Soft on the outside and what a sight
I love girls that just know how to make
Cash, food and can conversate
Unlocke yo potential when it's time to make
Those fuck faces you won't feel fake!!!!

Chorus X2
You got just what I need, Mami! (x2)
You got to come to me, Mami
You got to call me Papi, Mami

Verse 2 {Do me! Do me! Do me! Do me!}
I roll with guys that be fiendin for the pussy
Love my pussies extra tight like Gs
Let me stuff that snatch, seems to be the nine inch
Special when I hit, let me pinch that clit
If pussies are loose and you think it won't fit
Then you gottanother thing coming better ask your chick
You'll be another dream coming, getting wet on this

Neighbors haven't slept in 4 and a half weeks

Bed, gimme head, it feels so nice
Do you think you can take it all in tonight?
Don't tell me to stop say my name at least thrice
You know I'm the one, can you see the light?
I love girls that simply hate
Plastic boobies that do not know how to shake
Don't imitate let me re-it-er-ate
Make those heads turn until those necks break!!

I'll hit up that pussy like I'm hitting a doobie
Lick it too if that snatch is clean
I love squirters too, spinners and cream
Ice and whipped cream, peaches and cream
Whips and HCs [handcuffs], freaks that know things
Freaks under the sheets, freaks that go deep
Freaks are just freaks, freaks that don't speak
Skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet SKEET! (Dave Chappelle Voice)

Chorus X2
You got just what I need, Mami! (x2)
You got to come to me, Mami
You got to call me Papi, Mami (Ay yi yi yieeee!)
Track Name: Dat Fire
Now I’m not good with words, but uh

Nigga’s actions is sporadic this is madness I’ve had it
They keep it flaccid, not hard better practice or pass it
The mic please watch me as I tap the fatness
Or the plastic out these groupie girl asses, easy
Half this is all you, half you is half of half assed
I blast tracks, keep it real, that’s a fact, its
The blackest, not the fastest, still going hard, this rap is
While your crap is classless, I beg you bring it back kid, needing to
Stop, I would like to give a shout out to my block
That got so hot, cool, while I’m true to my crew
Concert stage jam packed with twenty-two dudes
Repeating after you
But I won’t disrespect, these niggas came correct
Never turned their back on you, did something you’d regret
Or they’d regret, we may forgive but we won’t forget, nigga…
Tell them how it is, nigga

I Got that fire, I Got that fire (x1)

Nigga’s actions is sporadic this is madness I’ve had it
They keep it flaccid not hard better practice or pass it
The mic please watch me as I tap the fatness
Or the plastic out these groupie girls asses, easy
Half this beats all you, all of you is half of half assed
You still yap, tryna rap about cash
And while you doing that I know a lot of niggas got my back
That will come through and jack that ass, believe me
It’s easy how he can be the sleaziest of sleazy
Even though he was singing about the E-V
O-L Oh well, that was something that had no avail
So now Lo’s here tryna get hoes so low here
Blowing out ears and still wreck a mic
And keep my prayers up so Lo can bless your life
These assholes ain’t really got nothing else to say
I’ma snap necks like Gator Boy from Tenne(say)

I got that fire, I got that fire (x1)

Nigga’s actions is sporadic this is madness I’ve had it
They keep it flaccid not hard better practice or pass it
The mic please watch me as I tap the fatness
Or the plastic out these groupie girls asses, easy
Half this beats all you, all you do is kinda half assed
Can’t beat me in a hundred yard dash
You’re little engine is a wonder, still sputters little fucker
While I’mma like a NASA blast
I’ll leave your face in the dirt while you eat my dust
It’s always so much better when you do it for fun
But I know you gotta go do it for the bucks
Even if they take your soul and turn you into pups
Puppets, fucking with, Gipetto, I wreck those
Fake as bois with those big ol nose
That grows cause you talk about the dough and the hoes
That seem to never come around when you do your shows

I got that fire, I got that fire (x1)

Nigga’s actions is sporadic this is madness I’ve had it
They keep it flaccid not hard better practice or pass it
The mic please watch me as I tap the fatness
Or the plastic out these groupie girls asses, easy
Half this beats all you, all you do is kinda half assed
Gimme my bags so I can take out this trash
And I don’t need to battle you cause you make yourself look bad
The second you try to spit a rap
I’m keep my hot man, concrete stompin
And always ready to do off the dome freestyle droppin
I’ve seen dudes claim that they’re doing the same
But unfortunet(lay) those rhymes not from the brain
I’ma come true, I’m not from the streets
I helped my niggas pass class to keep them on their feet
Raise your hand if you ever really sold mo than weed
And keep your hands raised if you really own the D

I got that fire, I got that fire (x1)

Half this beats all you, all you do is kinda half assed…
Half this beats all you, all you do is kinda half assed…
((Hook) Nigga’s actions))
Track Name: Funkadelic Freestlye 0
It was a freestyle...what do you want?
Track Name: Lockes Feat. DomynLo - Wicked
Verse 1 - Lockes
Now, let me take a lick at this
It’s your most wickedest
M.C. on the scene and you know I will split your wiiiggg
Lick-tie-split, quick, in-stant-ly, trip
Kick the can so much bitch comes up to the buck-et
I love it (Don’t you?) Won’t you, pick up the phone?
Someone is calling you, I think that it was your mom
She said she was walkin along
Found your jaw-bone
Layin on the floor [Ya drop this?] [Oh no, oh no, oh no] oh
No! Come clean, there isn’t one thing
That you could come sing that I couldn’t out-sing
You do, but I out-do, I’m cool, but how’re you
Supposed to make an impact when kids scratched since 2002?
Hoping Lockes would come but I’m too proud to
Drop some garbage until my progress got godness
They were begggin for the hotness, want Locke-ness to drop quick
So they won’t hear your hot shit, don’t worry yall I got it
And if you want it I deliver it to you when where and what
And I’m delivering it to you up in my fed-up truck
Heads up punk I ain’t slowin down for no in-bred-junk
Es and crack head rappers who became dumber then monkeys

I’m the most wickedest mothafucka to come into vision
And my job is to get more pussy than Bill Clinton
I’mma hit ya with the kitchen sink, and dirty dishes
Got my ego, grow, second flo, exit tha ceiling
I’m the most wickedest mothafucka to come into vision
Way overpowered it’s like I’m cheatin but I’m chillin
Do not push me to become one of those villains
Cause the world will end, tha, second, I lift, uh, fing-uh

Verse 2 – Lockes
Now let me take a crack at it, another whack at it
Have you fiendin for my shit like a damn crack addict
I’mma bad habit, you know what that is
Acting big will make that shit end as it’s tragic
I’m barely a real nigga, but I’d kill ya much quicka
Heavy in the D like big butts and gun triggers
Scorch the world with my own dark flare
And I may have been nice back when I was over there
I don’t get scared, warm me up in electric chairs
Now I’m bright as the sun, giving your screens glares
I burn busters like racetracks
Hit you foes more then wack a moles now take that
And one of those and some of these and a little bit of this
Fuck Tommy Hilfiger and sippin on Cryss
If I met those owners I would give them a swift
Half priced ass wooping cause Lo is known to thrift
You can use your codes and mo’ to make your glitch
But I’mma use these skills I’ve been spittin since I could spit
Lockes tha dern Thief and his team is in this bitch
And it might not be me but I’ma make someone rich

BREAK - DomynLo
She almost gave me herpes but I still wanta fuck her
Either I’m a sex freak or I really like to suffer

Verse 3 – DomynLo
I got a silver tongue soon to have silver cum
Having every chick around me want to bore me a son
So they can get the big fat check, sick ass shit, from this bad chick, I know but that’s how it goes
Won’t catch Lo slippin on his pimpin
I’m trying to be nice but I might not even be listening
Rollin for the hoes man, tellin them what they know
Mr. Lo is fo sho a wo’f in sheep’s clothes
Wrap it up tight and rip it in half tonight
You’d think I was fucking you with this mothafuckin mic
But you know what that is, I barely stay flaccid
And you’d think I was a professional though I’ve had little practice
Watch me tap the fatness or plastic
Right on out of these groupie girls asses
I said that shit who knows how many times and it won’t get old cause that’s just how Lo rhymes
Dime, pieces, chuck up the duce
Whip out my ruler and take you to school
But it’s mostly gym class, make you drip fast
Cause I’ll be the most wickedest to get into that ass
You got a boyfriend? Tell him to hold the camera
Or is he the jealous type; try to hang me on the mantle?
Put me on a plack to show off my prize antlers
And I’ll still talk shit cause I’m the wicked and the damaged
Track Name: (Disappear) Mistery Train 魔列車
Chorus - DomynLo
La la la to the intro (underneath)

These haters keep playing, these haters stay lame
So HATERS ride phantom traiiiiins
These haters keep claim-in, that they got what it takes to keep me out the game (X2)

Verse 1 – Magno
The true side to Lockes is unknown.
Is he truly Lockes, or is he Magno? (or DomynLo, Hypno, uhhhhh)
Is he happy and free, or lonely and depressed?
Is every album just a [test? Test? Test?]
Do you know what it feels like to be forced into a battle that you can’t back down from?
Soon he will die, but so will you.
Don’t cross him, because if you do
You’ll have to cross me, us, too


Verse 2 - DomynLo
All things must come to an end
But they say that the devil says the end is the beginning…
This is the end of the album…
Or is it…?
Track Name: theGANJA042008302011
These lyrics were written while playing

back the freestyle. Sorry, it's what I'm

best at and now I gotta prove it

Who got the ganja? You got the ganja!
I'm stressed need sess so I call to Wanda
I was wonda-ing, well I wonder
How can I increase all my armor
Pick up some ganja, puff in the ganja
As I swing real hiiigggghhh
Remember, back when I was rockin?
I had ganja, and lots of cotton
Candy for the ones that want to live-
So dandy from the sweetness that I love to

Yeah so what? I'm all stressed out
And my brain is twisted and I want to get


So if you got the ganja
And I want the ganja
Will you give me some marijuana
Tell me what is going on in Hotel Wanda
Otherwise I'll mind my own and puff ganja

1:08 is this time right here
I need 1 or an 8th to put in the air...
Every single day I might make new song sah
But the best ones are powered by marijuana
Who got the ganja? You got the ganja!
You know I need a pinch of marijuana
I am trying to fly real real high
And I need a way to grab me some armor
Put up your fist and lets start a movement
How else will we stop all the bullshit...?
The violence, the pullin pistols om people
That's not what you supposed to do that is

So chill out and hit this marjuana, they

and I and you get the ganja, business for

you for those that do it proper
Marijuana yes I gots lots ah

2:15 is the time we at now
As I try to think how can I get in that

I just sing a little bit, and be like

"bye"... and do all the big shit from the

moon I drop my tunes to you from a

satelite I'm that high sah, don't try to

fight the sun sir that is fiyah but use

the fire from the stuff we get from my

earth I got the gan- do you got the ganja,

hopefully this recording is working propah

cause I'd be pissed off but I'd be like

what-ev-ah after I puff in a bit of ganja

You got the ganja, when I get my dollahs
I know what I'd be spending it "onnnn",

this time "arrrround" so I go a head and

talk to Wanda see if she has a pinch of

marijuana and some poo for your lil foo'

cause who does this shit to the damn

truth, I spit it out like spitting out a

tooth after doing stupid stuff before I

met the ganja, tell me if this is your

favorite genre? I got a lot of them I

"knoooww" and it's a freestyle flow after

"Loooo" smokes in just a lil bit of dro,

so less go, ah

You got the ganja, I got the ganja
Nothing feels better than smokin marijuana
I'll be chill by the time the storm comes

and that's exactly how we'll do that one
I got the ganja, you got the ganja, guess

what time it "isssss?" and now we are down

to the spliff...