Thief​!​!​!​!​! Once A Thief​.​.​.

by Lockes

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released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Lockes Dallas, Texas

Lockes Thadern is a special kind of entertainer. He isn't driven by the same old drivel. His mind is expanded as well as his rhymes. He uses eccentric type styles with smooth delivery and speeds similar to OutKast mixed with E-40. His instrumentals and songs are never the same more than once. There IS a song for everyone. Check out one (or all) of his many projects here! ... more

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Track Name: Shoot Me (And Get Away With It)
Too many brothers have died in the struggle

Look at me I'm just a teenage kid
Wearing a hoody and sporting that opaque skin
Where I been? Just walked to this market place
To get a soda, some skittles and a snacky cake
Now I'm being trailed by this guy with the fat face
Looks like he wanna start problems so I say hey
He attacks me I fight back to get his back break
So he blasts me and get's himself a gat case
Tasteless, he gets away with it and I'm dead
Bullets to the head, never tasted lead before
That's some major shit, I'm in heaven now but is that really my placement?
Go ahead and shoot me you'll probably get away with it
Doesn't matter if I'm a baby bit or 86
I'm black! America doesn't really give a shit
Will any white people ever answer to a heater?
Do any white people still think of Katrina?

Too many brothers have died in the struggle

Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer, I would rather you put handcuffs on me sir
Instead of blasting me in the back of the head, now I'm dead
Never tasted lead before, it's something I don't enjoy
Boy, oh boy, I'm just a boy and unarmed
You're trained to kill, how can I bring you harm?
Even if I did fuck up and try to rob
Is that really cause for this much alarm?
GOD, save us all from this morally bankrupt society
So many black people see their demise at teens
Locked up and can't fly high and free
Even those filled with piety
Need to unrial these freaks with three times the weed
So they'll calm down and stop shooting at me boi
Is a gun the only thing you think I reach for?
What about my wallet to show you my ID, sir?

Too many brothers have died in the struggle
Track Name: Sweetie
I don't call any of my gos bitches!
I call them sweetie and we get dowwwwn to business

I got a girl I call my Sweet, she is the most beautiful thing
The First Lady of the BNB, we speak nearly every day of the week
I constantly tell her I want that pu tang
But she stays underground like she's part of Wu Tang
She's got scars on her arms, beautiful green eyes
Nice sized waist and thick ass thighs
I try to make her smile and laugh and such
But I know deep down inside her life is pretty rough
I do my best to help her out hoping one day she'll be as care free as me
Want her to get with my program like a game made in Unity
Look it up, it is actually pretty coo
I want her to be mine but don't want to be treated like a tool for use
In nothing but giving something I want something given to me
Otherwise it's one sided and my smile will be skin deep
I gotta unlock her with these codes and turn her into a freak
If I can't I got to shimmy shimmy (away)

Chorus x4

I call most girls I like the name sweetie, cause I know that life can't be easy
Worried about everything that will never cross a guys mind, we are lucky in that sense I find
I wish I could protect you all but I'm just one man
Rapists and abusers make me want to bloom blam
Hoping when I save you the gun won't jam
If it does I'll just kill them with my bare hands
Back to the matter at hand, back to the plan
I want to give you a kiss on your lips and pinch
You on your cheeks cause you so sweet to me my sweetie
Please be with me in your spare time I find
That I can bring light into most girls lives
I'm kinda like a mack but without being obnoxious
Come blow this weed with me if you ever feel nausious
And we can always do it I keep condoms in boxes
You've seen my true colors, I'm a lover not a boxer

Chorus X4

I also call girls sweet pie, cause that pussy is so tasty and tight
I'll eat you good if I can't straight fuck you outright
I've learned the female body from
I can use my body to make you think I'm the bomb
Spread them legs girl, I'll give you head girl
Then you give me head my legs feel like lead girl
Cause you've drainned me dry I'm happy I find
That only girls and games can make me happy and I'm like
If I can't get a girl then I'll play GTA
Or go to the strip club and be forced to pay
To see a girl naked she hustling for the money
But I am not a simp because I got plenty
The remedy for a bad heart is a sweet one
If there is evil in the world we can defeat them
Stress girls in the world I relieve them
Wreck boys in your world girl you don't need them sweet one
Track Name: Smoke (Don't Go Broke Remix)
I got green in this pipe, no tabacco shit
Clean edge up and I'm nice, no asshole shit
You call that weed? So much pass fo it
Step your game up, you going backwards ya bitch

Verse 1- Lockes
Can I swing through? I got a gram
You already know man this is the plan
We gonna get Rebecca and her sexy friend Vanessa
Play rock paper scissors on who gets to undress them
You know I'm greedy and I'm bringing the green
And I'm driving the car what you bring to the team?
It seems to me that you sellin a dream
Or smoke, can't do that to me
Let's take it back to when we used to get high bitch
I'd supply the herb, the girls for the guys dick
I'd supply the drink, the crib to vibe in
And all the tunes for the people to vibe with
Lockes Thadern Thief never did go broke
I mean if I did then I'd really throw coke
Partied all I want but didn't drink till I croaked
Smoke fills the room and you might just choke!

(((You can Smoke)))
Just don't go...

Verse 2 - Lockes
We so close to Mexico so we get the herb
All them crack head rappers need to hit the curb
Which means them tde fiends that didn't think of the kids
Just trying to be ruthless and useless pricks
Here's an idea, let's make PCP popular
And watch how many heads and hearts rock and roll
Watch how many of the bodies drop to the floor
Instead of getting high and watching those ideas soar
Paint a picture with this good good green
You say you in the hood what the fook you mean?
You selling smoke, you can't do that to me
You'll end up broke without any of your bling
Too many rappers are blocking the way
A whole bunch of idiots that don't want what I say
The truest ones? I can't tell from the haze
But if you need a hero? Pot is the way


Verse 3 - Lockes
Just don't go broke!
You remember that when my mind was cloudy?
Everyone around me was living so lousy
Didn't sound to me to be the way
I would rather get a pound of weed (SELL IT) or blaze
Grasshoppers wanna come and take my grass
Or my cash and leave me on my ass
Get my gat below the waist type of blast
So I'd only just get a fine for all that crap
I'll pay it off cause I got a job
I'm not just a hustler and I just don't rob
And do thief things like you think of Lockes
Turns out I'm actually pretty smart
Learn comp prog and the next step
Take it to the video games with stories that WRECK
Sell it by the billions and get my CHECK
And keep on praying till the day that GOD bless


Outro - Chopped and Screwed
You can party all you want
You can drink till you croak
You can smoke till you choke
Just don't go broke

I'm so high right now, gonna do a freestyle right out my mouth
Track Name: Stealers [Feat. DJ Dream]
We stealers...we love to steal
Snatch your little chain, give me the gold out yo grill (NIGGA!)
GTA is the life we play
Old school criminals like my man CJ

Lockes - Verse 1
My name's Lockes Thadern Thief and you know me bro
Pull you straight out of your Royce car do
Love to aim at the noisy assholes
All my boys yelling Encore, Encore!
Shoes, socks, soles, give me all yo clothes
You say you a hustler give me all yo dro
If I don't make money off my awesome flow
I'll make 24 million off of being a criminal (CRACKA!)

(Chorus X2)

DJ Dream - Verse 2

(Chorus X4)

Lockes - Verse 3
Someone left a diamond and a dub
Straight up stole them out the club
They knew it was me so they tried to rush
Busted them up like a bunch of punks (BITCH!)

DJ Dream - Verse 4

(Chorus X2)
Track Name: Stealing Sparkly

Verse 1 - Lockes
While my partner be rocking the Versache
I be collecting the change from the stage I be rocking
No more living poor can't afford a word producers wanna play ya
Get you to fill their ven(ue) with your friends and don't want to pay ya
Keep on messing with the money and I'mmahavta slay ya
Or rob ya, jack ya, snatch from ya all tha paper
I don't floss cause it's not an original idea
Besides it's hard to do that and be criminal minde-ahd
Hard to hide in the shadows while I got a necklace blinging
Hard for you to look me in the eyes when it makes morning out of evening
But believe me, I'll wear my orange and black
Rip a track in half and put haters bloody on their backs
If they actually have the nads to try to take my stash
Bash their heads and stuff them in the trash with the rest of them fags
Covered in blood but gotta tell my flosser buddy to step back
From the broken bones, blood, brain, and broken glass


The owners of McDonalds are the real big ballers
Papa John is filthy rich doesn't give me shit
Papa John barely wants ta give me a dollar
The owners of McDonalds steadily treat you like a bitch
The food they are feeding us isn't even that healthy
The only thing about it is that is ready to eat
Obesity is running rampant even with your kids
This is not the way Americans are supposed to live
Now everyone is hoping their dreams come true
And the man with the big check decides to ride through
And give you what you've been wishing for
So you won't ever have to wish no more
But there is one problem with all that jack
And Jill, rich people share no bills
And when they do there is usually something attached
That is fiending for a few unlucky souls to steal

If I was the richest man in the world
Then and only then will I ever glow
Because then I'd be able to tell the whole freakin world
That Lockes never lost or felt so low
Enemies will get tossed with a flip of a coin
Friends will be tested down to their soul
I wouldn't fret though I never did before
My cash would help me down the road
But since I'm a realist I already know
That boat just won't float
So...well, I'll go
Work real hard, do my flow
Stack that cheese, get that do
But make sure I teach civilians to control
All the crazy and evil shit that might get in their dome
Bring it home Lo. You already know
(Hahaha, I fucked it up)
Track Name: Swiftly
What's that you say? You wanna take me away?
Far away where the darkness stays?
Just for stealing things (d-dealing things?)
Shit like that seems hard to believe
Running everything under the sun
Scientists got the power but they are scared of them
Silly for you to think beating on me is fun
I'll just do the time and write me some(thing)
I'm a thief! I get away with everything
Super Hero ain't the right face for me
You want me to save you? I got bills to pay
My rent is due and this phone won't wait
So I do the things that get me CREAM
Cash just seems to Rule Everything Around Me
Yeah, bro, give me of a pound of that thing
Cause I'm gonna be making cheese oh so swifty

What's up baby, give me a kiss
A life without a miss is a life I miss
You already know about the talent of my dick
So lets stop these games and do it swift
She wakes up and I'm already gone
Gotta get going and make these songs
11 in the morn is when I usually wake
Every hour after that is when I usually bake
High as a kite, no haters in sight
Already had a good day so I wait till night
There they go, make their heads explode
For coming through tryna test ya boi, Lo
Even Eminem would say I'm on fire
Like arsen, poppin all four of your tires
Don't worship me, I'm not your bible
Just writting scriptures till I retire

Most rappers are not gonna get into the game
Which is good cause they would just ruin the game
Nigga like me? Getting good with the change
Roast you boastful fools with the tiniest flame
Fight me if you DAAAAARE!
I move so swifty you best beware
Best put your punk ass back in that chair
Or I'll hit you harder than Demarcus Ware
End your career like you Anderson Silva
Get in your girl like Mrs. Anderson's vulva
Even if you are the size of an ogre
I'll chop you down like I'm gathering lumber
Tie you in a bundle with the rest of them fags
Make a skit out the shit call me Strong Bad
Take a look at your life and no wonder you so sad
You've been getting your ass beat and I'm not even your dad

Moving at the speed of light
Flash of white enemies lost their sight
Hit em over the head with all my might
Then slip deep into the dark of night
Nocturnal bless me, love of my life
Nocturnal bless me with getting ends
The shadows still a thief's best friend
How else can I do this shit and get away with it?
I'll break your brain tryna mess with me
You still don't know what stress can be
You still don't see what the best can see
I fight you better than Muhamedd Ali
Chant my name, you know I'm the G
Better than Super Nintendo vs. Sega Gs
Girls grope for my prize antlers
Lockes is the name and you better remember!