PV Tribute

by Lockes

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"This is a track that we developed back on the first album. I know ya'll, playas thought we weren't going come at yall with this thang, but, it goes a little something like this."


DJ System pours the drinks, DJ System pours the drinks
Crown and Coke, Gin, a Sprite
Something to make me a beast
DJ System pours the drinks, DJ System pours the drinks
Crown and Coke, Gin, a Sprite
Something to make me a freak (Go)

Verse 1
It’s ya boi Lo and I came back in the show
I must be fighting gainst Sheng Tsung cause I’m giving back the soul
I got the sugar and the Kool-Aid for you and your neighbor plus I
Mixed up my teams to create the new flavor
Ramblin in the Elephant to represent my flow
Link like chain’s hanging with that boi MC Astro
And Leo J and Aaron B
People are gonna stop and stare cause we
Get the beats and the jams from my best friend
You might know him as Big Y aka Battleram!
From South Garland to Greenville, flip CDs in my hood
Let’s party girls cause the times are good
That’s, what, my trunk be bumping
Hip hop music got the whole country jumping
I do it for love and have the face of hate ducking
Tag team with Poor V now tell me if ya love me
(Hook) [Request, the Hook beat at 1:06]

Verse 2
It’s ya boi Lockes and I came back to the spot
I must be related to Liu Kang cause the fire I throw is hot
I gotta see C [Swag] rip it every time
And you gotta see me rap and hit all of my lines
I come to the Green Elephant to represent the Thieves
Stealin hearts and possessions right in a single sweep
Get with Trek and get inspected by Croix
Their my bois, they make sure it’s not noise
Music is how we do it, so, please do not trip
P.V. so cool they had Mr. Pookie in this bitch
Lockes so smooth his words never slip
But you may slip a bit from all this liquid that I spit (Shit)
This team caresses to the music, never beat it or neglect it
Do respect it, making love and havin sex with it
Never fuck with it and leaving it out to dry
When we done we take it to the bar on the side (Cause)

Verse 3
J.B. got what we need at the P.A.D
And he bring the music clean, straight to the Green
I’mma be on the block sellin these C.D.s
And I’mma be on the spot chillin with the Poor V
Vida, we tha, righteous, the tightest, the most hard fightin (it’s)
Actually kind of enlightenin
I don’t do this for the green, I just want you to vibe with it
Ladies can you scream if you really, really like it?
Try it, taste it, tell me if it’s delicious
Shake your ass to show me that you really feel this
Two teams got my back, this place is the shit
Get tipsy a bit and don’t fogit the tip (cause)


released May 11, 2011
Jason Barnett for recording for me
Poor Vida back when we were all together
Big Y for the beat.



all rights reserved


Lockes Dallas, Texas

Lockes Thadern is a special kind of entertainer. He isn't driven by the same old drivel. His mind is expanded as well as his rhymes. He uses eccentric type styles with smooth delivery and speeds similar to OutKast mixed with E-40. His instrumentals and songs are never the same more than once. There IS a song for everyone. Check out one (or all) of his many projects here! ... more

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